No unity with Nazis and White Supremacists. We shouldn’t have to say that.

Major Disappointment, a band that lives up to their name!

According to an article on American Renaissance, David Yeagley, who was scheduled to speak at the publication’s conference in 2010 has filed suit against Daryle Lamont Jenkins - this group’s co-founder and spokesperson, and others. We understand that there are questions, but as of right now we must refrain from comment, except to say that this lawsuit is without merit. We most certainly could use financial help with this little legal issue, so if you are able to donate anything in that regard, the donations are tax deductible if you send a check or money order payable to the Brecht Forum (Make sure One People’s Project is in the memo line) to:

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We’re still not using PayPal right now, so we are going to establish an alternative payment option this week for those who wish to donate online.

This would be an embarrasing outing for the National Socialist Movement if they had any shame about themselve to begin with. They get into it with antifa before the rally, bring out 75 people to over 2000 antifa during the rally, and get into it again with antifa afterwards.